Bears & Critters

Bears the old fashion way.

Alfred B. Bear

Alfred is made from light silvery gray fur that has a slightly distressed appearance.

He has shiny, black faceted eyes and suede cloth paw pads. Like bears from the 19th century, he has a hump on his back. Alfred is 12 inches tall from his paw pads to the top of his head. His dark red sweater is hand-knitted and is completed with a large red and gray plaid bow tie.

All my bears are original designs fashioned after the original teddy bears including crown joints attaching their heads, arms, and legs making them “pose-able.” Each has an embroidered nose and mouth and is signed and dated on the foot. A hand-tinted hang tag that includes the bear’s name and unique identification number is attached to each one. They are created in a smoke free environment. While my bears enjoy children and collectors, they are not happy with babies or toddlers who might chew on their eyes.


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